Eid al Fitr 2024

Eid In 𝗕𝗶𝗿𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗵𝗮𝗺 and London

Despite the biting cold and daunting weather conditions, Kanz ul Huda demonstrated an unwavering spirit by holding its Eid al-Fitr congregation in Adderly Park—a decision that was a monumental triumph. Amidst a climate of apparent uncertainty, placing our trust in Our Creator and multiple supplications, we went ahead and managed to maintain our regular celebrations of Eid in accordance to the Sunnah.

This move not only brought to life our Eid celebration, reviving The Muhammadan tradition but also reminded us of our brothers and sisters around the world who fight the cold day in and out because of no roofs or shelter in their surroundings.
With the divine favour of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’aala, Kanz ul Huda organised three Eid Salah’s in Birmingham which countless attended, prayed, benefitted from the awakening message and enjoyed the refreshments offered at the KUH stalls.
The chill of the weather stood in stark contrast to the warmth that filled the hearts of all those present as everyone happily sat under the open sky to thank and worship Allah Almighty.

Attendees Participation In Salah

Attendees took part in the Eid Salah and listened closely to the Khutbah and speech, drawing strength and unity from the knowledge that they were praying to Allah under the same vast sky as the people of Al Quds Shareef. The gathering was not just a religious observance but a potent reminder of a critical message and awakening lesson relating to self rectification and spiritual awareness. Eid in the park was a moment of reflection, connection, and of a deep, resonating call.
Kanz ul Huda, showed no trepidation or hesitation in confronting cold or potential criticism. The message was clear and compelling: change in the Ummah begins at home, within each heart and each action. It was a call to the Ummah to introspect and act, to foster a collective movement towards righteousness and the greater good.

Mother and Sisters’ Salah Segment

Across the road, within the spacious halls of Kanz ul Huda’s Jami’ Masjid, a festive atmosphere embraced our mothers and sisters as they cheerfully celebrated Eid, ensconced in both comfort and privacy.
The spacious halls buzzed with spiritual energy, accommodating a large gathering of brothers sisters (in Sharii parda) and children who participated in a separate Eid Salah indoors. The event’s spirit was further amplified as the speech and dua, broadcast live from the park, were shown on large projector screens inside for the women, connecting everyone in a communal celebration of faith and togetherness.

Distribution Of Gifts

Maintaining the tradition of FREE gifts and service to the community, Kanz ul Huda delighted attendees with free literature and complimentary refreshments that featured an array of delectable treats. This included generously sized samosas, savory pakoras, tangy chutney, and a diverse selection of both soft and fizzy beverages, alongside sweets, chocolates, cookies, and, of course, the much-anticipated Jalebi and ice cream.
The Jalebi freshly prepared on-site by skilled artisans, offered a live culinary spectacle for the crowd to enjoy and ice cream vans (separate for men and women), allowed everyone to enjoy a delicious treat.
These delightful offerings were savoured by both men and women (in segregation), adding to the festive ambiance of the occasion. The event was further brightened by the joyous expressions of children, their faces alight with happiness as they received balloons and goody bags. These bags, filled with a variety of small treats, promised additional moments of joy for the children to take home and enjoy.
Despite the challenging weather, countless gathered to celebrate Eid with enthusiasm, taking to heart the profound message of Al Quds. Without a doubt, such remarkable events that unite the community in solidarity and peace, not only in Birmingham but also in London can not be achieved except with the divine favour of The Most Merciful.


In London, Imam Wakas Saqibi and his team hosted another significant Eid in the park gathering, similarly attended by huge numbers. These events stand as a testament to the spirit of unity and the impactful message they conveyed, bridging communities across cities.

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