Quran Academy

The Kanz ul Huda Qur’an academy educates children from the ages of five in the pronunciation, recitation and memorisation of the Qur’an and key chapters of the holy book which are recited in the prayer. Kanz ul Huda has been serving the wider local community in this regard for over 15 years.

Islamic Studies

Kanz ul Huda has successfully established and facilitated an authentic Dars e Nizami course to educate and create contemporary Islamic scholars who are well versed in Arabic language, the laws of the religion and modern day issues so that they may best serve their communities.

Fard Ayn

The Kanz ul Huda Fardh Ayn course has allowed hundreds from the UK and across the world to learn and benefit from necessary Islamic knowledge. Subjects such as Fiqh, Aqida, Tajweed, Tarbiyyah and Tassawwuf are taught alongside the secular disciplines of philosophy and world history.