Drugs and Violence? Not on our streets

Revolutionizing Ramadan: Kanz ul Huda’s Impact on Youth Engagement and Community Empowerment

With the grace of Allah, over the last few days of Ramadan, we’ve been focusing on specific areas related to keeping youngsters off the streets and in the masajid. Unfortunately, as many have witnessed over the last few years, youngsters tell their parents they’re going to the masjid, whereas in reality, they are out on the streets involved in all types of crime.


This increasing trend must be stopped and controlled. This year, Kanz ul Huda made it a key initiative to control the hate and violence on our streets and create a youngster-friendly taraweeh, in which many youngsters prayed, learned, benefited from the tarbiya sessions, and enjoyed the general positivity in the beautiful atmosphere at Kanz ul Huda.


Youth Are The Future Of Deen Islam

The youth are the future of our Deen. If they have no passion to learn about our religion or remain disconnected from the Quran and Sunnah, we’ll be seeing a very dark and gloomy future. Whereas if we have youngsters excited, passionate, and serious about their connection with their Lord and take the necessary steps by attending halaqaat and taraweeh like these, we have hope, with the help of Allah, that they will be rays of hope for generations to come.


Knife crime, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and disrespecting parents are all key subjects that are being discussed and taught. Willpower training and mental discipline are also areas of discussion and implementation during these circles. Shaykh Saqib’s booklet on the subject is also being released in the near future.


Just over the last few days alone, we’ve had brothers so motivated by the awakening messages and discussions that THREE previous non-Muslims came upon the invitation of these newly motivated brothers, spoke to shaykh Saqib for lengthy hours, and took their shahadas!

A huge honor and blessing.

Disrespecting parents wasn’t something we’d see regularly in the past, but unfortunately, in recent years, we’re seeing the opposite. In order to combat this growing disease in our communities, we have been conducting multiple study circles in which this issue is being raised and spoken about in a modern and unique fashion. The impact this has been having is also one that brings a smile to the face- a handful of youngsters actually made Tauba and mentioned how they fell under this sin, but after learning and understanding the negativity connected to it, they promised to live a life of servitude towards parents.


The Rules and Etiquettes of Salah

The rules and etiquettes of salah are also being taught extensively, so much so that the leading brothers, including the shaykh himself, stand at the back rows and ensure that the rows are all straight and gaps are being filled in.


The Messenger of Allah, SallAllahu alayhi wa Aalihi wasallam, said: “Straighten your rows, for straightening the rows is part of perfecting prayer.”
Ramadan has always been about bettering ourselves and strengthening our relationship with our creator. It’s our duty to ensure that this sacred experience is passed on to our children and youngsters in general so that we can keep the Ramadan spirit alive in the hearts of the coming generations.


We still have half of this beautiful month left. Let’s not let these numbered days pass by without achieving a solid relationship with our Creator. Make intentions of being punctual in your prayers, regular reciters of The Quran, learning necessary aqidah and Fiqh, and being people of Salawat.


Ramadan, a month which brings dead hearts back to life!

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