Kanz Ul Huda Jamia Masjid

This organisation was founded with one purpose, to change lives by directing people from all backgrounds towards the spiritual closeness and divine love of Almighty Allāh and the Noble Prophet, Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ through propagating the true values of Islam. Keeping this in mind, Kanz ul Huda’s growth and expansion has been immense and millions across the globe have benefited from the models of self-development and community reformation presented by Kanz ul Huda which are based upon a synthesis of the classical Islamic sciences and secular disciplines. Kanz ul Huda is now at the cusp of further international expansion and to support its worldwide strategies we are announcing the launch of our new Jamia Masjid, a institute of learning and development project which will be the foundation and mainstay of all Kanz ul Huda’s future plans. This webpage has been produced to walk you through what this project will entail and how you can get involved, remember the Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, then Allah will build a similar house for him in Paradise.” Jami` at-Tirmidhi

In a community where crime, alcohol, drug abuse, violence and indecency were prevalent, Kanz ul Huda came as a  beacon of hope and the catalyst for positive change that transformed the lives of thousands of people in the local community, Birmingham, and the UK in general. Kanz ul Huda has grown from strength to strength and expanded its social work rapidly, facilitating a platform through which people can actively partake in communal and personal endeavours of progressive development. Where thousands of people benefit from Kanz ul Huda globally on a daily basis, closer to home the residents and businesses of the Alum Rock, Saltley, Washwood Heath, Bordesley Green and Small Heath wards, along with their surrounding areas, have greatly benefited through permission for new developments, businesses and buffer zones being granted via the strenuous efforts of Kanz ul Huda and its regional development programmes.

Initially, the area surrounding Kanz ul Huda’s headquarters was classified as industrial only, however through the unyielding determination of the KUH team this was changed, and the area was given buffer zone status.

The Kanz ul Huda Jamia Masjid will be located in the Eastside regeneration area. This is the the largest regeneration project in the city with an investment into the area of an estimated £1.5 billion

What will the Jamia Masjid Provide?

Classical Islamic & Secular education

As a part of the mission statement, knowledge is an integral part of Kanzu l Huda. We aim to provide world class Islamic education alongside contemporary sciences.

Self and community development workshops

We aim to expand our already successful developmental programs to facilitate more people to make a lasting positive social impact.

Jamia Masjid facilities

From large prayer halls to outreach programs, a library and education facilities, this Jamia Masjid will serve every need of the Muslim populous.

Recreation and Community hub

We will provide state of the arts sports and recreational amenities for the community alongside Islam heritage and cultural facilities.

Achieving such a remarkable accomplishment was originally considered to be impossible by many, but through this change bought on by Kanz ul Huda, many new and old businesses are greatly benefiting and seeing greater returns in their trade and investments.

Moreover, as a result of Kanz ul Huda’s groundwork much of the youth from the aforementioned areas have left drug abuse, violence, crime and other illicit activities in their droves. This bares testimony and is a first-hand result of Kanz ul Huda’s reformative programmes and successful establishment in these areas.

In addition, Kanz ul Huda has also facilitated several educational initiatives comprising of its Qu’ran academy, Islamic classical scholarship course, short courses on basic Islamic tenets and weekly Ihya gatherings discussing a variety of subjects including comprehensive Tafsir al Qur’an lectures in English. Further to the above Kanz ul Huda has held several seminars teaching social skills, business skills and development, mental illnesses, talent recognition, anger management, practical methods of community work, self-reformation methods, how to recover from violence, drugs, alcohol, and other illicit activities alongside much more. A multitude of community leaders, scholars, imams, businesspeople, teachers, doctors, students and the general public have all greatly valued these discourses delivered by the world-renowned scholar and founder of Kanz ul Huda, Shaykh Muhammad Saqib Iqbal Hh.

The Shaykh’s visionary efforts laid the foundation for Kanz ul Huda, began the transformative process, and taught thousands of people in the UK how to better their communities and themselves through the activities of the organisation. Kanz ul Huda is poised for further growth and expansion which will be made possible through your support.