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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support local projects related to ecology and human rights.

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Kanz ul Huda acts as an outreach community, which aims to educated and guide Muslims towards the pure teachings of Islam. With Muslim persecution on the rise and right-wing media propaganda prevailing, Muslims have been left cornered, targeted and victimised, with many unsure of what real Islam is. A significant rise in Atheistic beliefs has cause for concern, and Kanz ul Huda is focused in ensuring that strong faith is instilled in the heart of young Muslims through:

  • Daily Dawah
  • Comparative religion
  • Literature
  • Academic reference
  • Weekly Gatherings

The Dawah project is focused to reach out to both Muslims and Non-Muslims and has had huge success over the past 10 years, with organisations operating globally, thousands have accepted the message of Islam. Our mission is to create awareness and build understanding about the religion whilst deconstructing misconstrued information about Islam. The true teachings of our Master Prophet Muhammed (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) needs to be
conveyed to the masses and Kanz ul Huda is at the forefront, with an ever-growing community focused on spreading the true message.

Outreach Drugs

Drugs use in the UK is a Major issue within our society with 1 out of 10 Adults between 16- 59 years reporting unlawful drug use in the most recent year, with the spotlight focused on youngsters between ages 15-24.

Reports propose that young males are more inclined towards illegal drug use than females, with a portion of these drugs falling into a high-risk category. The use of cannabis is prevalent over other drugs, for example, cocaine, heroin and Amphetamines, however the tendency to attempt substitute drugs increase with curiosity. Kanz ul Huda has set up an Outreach Drugs Program to tackle this exact public concern. With a ceaselessly growing community of youngsters and various public initiatives, Kanz ul Huda has changed the lives of several Drugs and Alcohol addicts, gaining the prayers and supplication of distraught parents.

Many youth today find it extremely difficult to share their encounters to local wellbeing services like the NHS or seek governmental help, making this set up extremely unique, with individual members of Kanz ul Huda having encountered a similar past in their way of life the opportunity to change turns out to be a smaller burden. The transformation of similar

like-minded individuals allows youngsters to seek support, gain confidence and make new life-changing resolutions.