4 brothers accepted Islam: Youngsters Finding Solace in Islam and Letting Go of Bad Habits

The last few days have inspired many youngsters to let go of their bad company and habits, intending to lead a life of piety, recognising their duty to their Creator.


The fiqh of Fasting, salah and rulings pertaining to zakah are all being taught by the shaykh alongside his general tarbiyah for the attendees in various aspects of our Deen. Some of the unique features of these tarbiyah’s include topics like willpower building and positive thinking. It’s Heartwarming to see youngsters from different backgrounds benefit and implement that which they learn and go on to make a positive impact in their respective neighborhoods.

Youngsters Accepted Islam in Ramadan

Over the last few weeks of Ramadan, four brothers have accepted Islam on the hand of Shaykh Saqib and made solid intentions of remaining steadfast. The tarbiyah sessions offered unique insights on the significance of Ramadan and its role in our life and what we need to do to make our life after Ramadan, better than our life before Ramadan. These sessions are so inspiring that it bring out results like the ones we see in the pictures below, MashaAllah!

Reflecting Commitment to Faith and Community – Taraweeh Attendance

Another interesting point is how as the days are passing, more and more people are attending the taraweeh, it usually works the opposite way!
Kanz ul Huda, creating a revolution with the help of Allah.

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