Kanz ul Huda Masjid

There are two dates that are recognised with significant importance in the history of a British Muslim.

The first, 1889, the year the very first purpose-built mosque was opened in the United Kingdom.

The Second 2012, the year the very first purpose built mosque opened in a City Centre (in the UK). The importance of being located in the city centre is that this is the capital area of the city; where commerce, entertainment, shopping, political power and education are concentrated.

April 2012 saw “Kanz ul Huda City Mosque” open in the heart of Birmingham City Centre. Kanz ul Huda has taken great strides in order to ensure Muslims of today; who may be more inclined towards the commerce, entertainment or shopping aspects of a city centre to be kept close their religion.

This centre provides the 5 daily prayers, with ablution facilities. Jumu’ah and Eid Prayers are also offered. It serves the Muslim community that are either travelling to or from Birmingham, shopping or studying in the city centre.

Besides the praying facilities available, this will also serve as:

– A Daw’ah hub for Muslims and non-Muslims;

– An education centre, aimed for new reverts providing all the basic education required to be a Muslim (Fardh-ul-ayn) – this can also serve as a refresher course for Muslims as well.

– A soup kitchen providing food for the less fortunate.

Da’wah & Outreach Programme

This outreach programme is based on the comprehensive works of Sayyidi Pir Saqib Shaami (Hafidhahullah) on:

  • How to give Da’wah to Non-Muslims and,
  • 50 common objections against Islam answered.

Many brothers and sisters have been trained in comparative religion and appointed for dialogues with Non-Muslims to bring them towards the light of Islam.

Sadly many Masajid are built but fail to address the needs of Da’wah to Non-Muslims resulting in revert brothers and sisters associating themselves with misguided radical Muslims. As a result, this has taken them away from the true teachings of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’at.

It was the great wisdom and aforethought of Sayyidi Pir Saqib Shaami (Hafidhahullah) to provide an institute in a central location educating reverts with the basics of Deen.

Weekly classes take place teaching:

  • How to pray Salah
  • How to recite the Qur’an
  • Etiquettes of a Muslim
  • The life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  • Creed of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’at

Furthermore, on a weekly basis free food will be served to the less fortunate and the homeless.

Imam Haseeb Awan Saqibi delivering a speech

Imam Haseeb Awan Saqibi delivering a speech (A student of Pir Saqib Shaami Hh)

Kanz ul Huda Masjid, Birmingham City Centre, Jumu’ah Timings:

English Lecture: 1.15pm | Khutbah: 1.30pm | Jama’at: 1.35pm

Kanz ul Huda Masjid Address:

29 Park Street, Birmingham, B5 5JH